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Blueprint for Life Received 4.8 out of 5 Stars!

Read below for what our members have to say.

"I've been running a household for at least 30 years. I really wish I had kept this level of useful organization over the years. People just starting off on their own and new couples should definitely invest their time and energy in completing all LifeExec course and utilizing their accounts fully. "

Carrie W.
Blueprint for Life Member

"I found all courses helpful but especially the legal documents as it is very important for me to limit the amount of decision-making (and the stress that would accompany those decisions) for my family members should something happen to me."

John B.
Blueprint for Life Member

"Blueprint for Life helped me to understand just what I need to be organized for my family if something happened to myself or a family member. "

Tracie V.
Blueprint for Life Member

"Very informative. I didn’t realize all the things necessary to do upkeep as my husband does the majority of the maintenance throughout the house I.e. changing filters etc..."

Blueprint for Life Member

"What a neat product! I kept finding myself saying "oh my gosh" throughout the course as things were mentioned that we NEED to do around here! Great wake up call!"

Sarah G.
Blueprint for Life Member

"I like how concise it is. It fits with simplifying life planning by taking it one bite-sized chunk at a time."

Blueprint for Life Member

"My dad passing from Alzheimer's was difficult on the whole family. Trying to figure out his estate afterwards was a challenge and strained some relationships. With the help of LifeExec, I'm documenting everything for Mom while we have time. LifeExec has been a great platform for her and us. Just wish I'd had it for dad."

K. Brown
LifeExec Customer

+20 Courses to Build Your Blueprint for Life

At LifeExec®, we believe in taking the legwork and the guesswork out of life’s most difficult situations.

Our +20-course education program will prepare you for major and minor life events. From Medical Emergency Plans to Cyber Security Protection to How to Recover from a Lost Wallet, we created a program where we bring in experts to assist you in building your family's preparedness plan. Led by LifeExec®'s Team, you'll have on-demand video classes to attend at your own pace with detailed instructions, checklists and forms. We provide everything you and your loved ones need to create your custom Blueprint for Life today.​


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2020 Showed Us We Are Not Prepared

We encountered pandemics, natural disasters, and navigated a new way of living, working, raising our children, and teaching. While we can’t always foresee life’s biggest events, we can certainly prepare for them.

At LifeExec®, we created a simple program with quick, easy-to-follow life event preparedness courses to assist you in building your family's preparedness plan.

Get Educated

Discover what you need to know about working and teaching from home, what you need if you are in an accident or have a medical emergency, and how you can recover faster from identity theft.

Get the Tools

We provide a secure life management web application designed for storing your important information along with tailor-made plans to keep your closest contacts informed during any life event.

Get Organized

We wrap up everything you learned and create clearly defined categories. You'll put important plans in place you need to create peace of mind in your every day life.

Fundamental Courses

Our courses provide information from experts and supplies you with the tools you need to successfully prepare for life's major and minor obstacles.

In 60% of married households, one spouse pays the bills and performs the majority of household duties. People travel, get sick, or become unavailable. Annual tasks (like replacing furnace filters and fire alarm batteries) are commonly forgotten leaving the household at risk. In this course, you’ll document and share essential functions, establish reminders for important maintenance, and create simple communications so the entire household can participate in home activities.

Do you know the specific allergies, medications, and preexisting conditions of each of your family members? Do you know what a DNR, Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, and Power of Attorney are, why you need them, and how to use them? In this course, you’ll quickly prepare a medical care plan for yourself and the members of your family. This will help with routine doctor visits and help you successfully navigate medical emergencies.

In 2019, there were 13 million identity fraud victims with $16.9 billion stolen. Anyone with a social security number can be the subject of identity theft, but the most common victims are children, seniors, members of the military and social media users. In this course we'll go over the biggest cyber security threats, digital best practices, and ways you can help protect your children or seniors from identity theft. 

Over 60% of people have lost a wallet compared to 20% of all lost wallets are ever returned. In this course, you'll record information to quickly shut down credit cards, bank cards, and learn tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. You'll also get a tutorial on how to find and recover a lost smartphone. 

Can your businesses or work function without you? Do you have access to systems, files, accounts that are essential to operations? Do you have clients, vendors, or contacts that should be informed if you are unavailable? In this course, you’ll better prepare your business to successfully continue operations during planned and unplanned absences.

Including single parent, travel, natural disaster preparation, vacation rentals, newly married, having a baby, retirement, moving, outdoor adventures, divorce, legacy plans, and more.

Who's It For?

This course was designed for everyone. Workshops will benefit parents, business owners, seniors, young professionals, and anyone in between.


How Long Does It Take?

Blueprint for Life is available on-demand so you can set your own pace. Each workshop will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.


Become a Part of Our Community

This program was made to help others, but we also want to create a community of people helping people. When you register, you'll be invited to join our private Facebook group where members share stories, tips, and engage with other individuals who are enrolled in this workshop.


One-time Payment

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to courses, materials, and over 30 forms and checklists. You'll become a master at preparing every member of your family for emergencies, natural disasters, pandemics, and have all of your most important documents organized and stored in a secure digital software.


Your Registration Includes:

  • One-time purchase to receive unlimited access to Blueprint for Life Education courses.
  • +20 on-demand courses that will prepare you and your family for life's major and minor life events.
  • Free preparedness forms, checklists, and templates.
  • Expert advice, tips, and resources.
  • Complimentary LifeExec® trial account.
  • Weekly live webinars with a member of our team where you can have any questions answered.
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we'll share tips, answer questions, and engage with our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership includes unlimited access to over 20 workshops, free preparedness forms, checklist and templates, expert advice tips and resources to handle life's twists and turns, and a 90 day membership to LifeExec®.

Yes! In fact, it's encouraged. Creating your Blueprint for Life with your family will make sure everyone is prepared to handle any situation.

LifeExec® is the only software in the world where people can organize everything in a single online vault and communicate during critical life events. Learn more about LifeExec® here:

Start Organizing and Preparing Today

Say goodbye to hindsight and start planning for the future with emergency preparedness and life plan coaching from LifeExec®.

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